Welcome to Hosrit.com. The focus of this site is on tips, knowledge, and techniques that can help the reader gain more mental freedom and improve decision making. Our mind helps determine our reality and makes sense of everything we do. Without discipline and practive, the mind deceives us far more that we realize. Our brain is a biological computer and has a lot more quirks than most realize. In order to get everything out of life and out of ourselves, it is essential to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in mastery over our mind. This is of the highest level of inportance if we are to gain a lasting happiness.

This site is divided into three Levels Of Progression. There is a very good reason why I list these as levels of progression, rather than separate topics. We cannot master relationships until we make sufficient progress on ourselves. We also usually need to work on 1 to 1 relationships before getting good at adding together all of the complexities that life throws at us. Another reason for this basic division is because the levels of progression in the Eternal realm also are divided like this. I will not get into aything religious or conspiracy related on this website, but these basic levels are both useful to organize our learning efforts, and also is an unavoidable huge part of how our society is organized in the next life. Spirituality divides us a lot in this life, but it also is a very important part of our quest for self growth. The question of who we are, how or why we got here, and why we are here do give focus and direction to our lives. They do unavoidably shape our motivations and goals for who we want to be.

Life happens. We cannot here easily stick to the most ideal progression. We have busy schedules and a confusing world that waits for no one. Having said that, it still is best to try to start with introspection. The ability to learn and conquer one’s own mind is essential to anyone who wants to truly take control of their world and their life. From there, we add relationships on top of an already healthy self. No relationship can fix deep problems of the self. Once we are good, then we can work on having healthy (not toxic) relationships with others. From there, then add the stresses of responsibility and family.

This site is a work in progress. The journey to fully understand and conquer the mind takes hundreds of years for most people. No amount of time or writing will be sufficient to cover all content that is needed. More will be added as I have time to add it.

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